Monday, May 12, 2008

ABRT- Taking over the World?.......

Saturdays tend to be either club rides or races and then Sundays are typically races or individual rides....this past Sunday on my 75 mile 70.3 race pace ride around the southern counties of Maryland I came across none other than five other ABRT teammates out on the road getting the miles in before the storms hit. Not five in a group, five individual times I saw ABRT was like ABRT was taking over the roads! Perhaps this is the ABRT quest for world domination, after all we have an amazingly strong road racing club, the MTB section are whipping people left, right and center and the relatively small tri/du section are making waves (no pun intended...oh I guess it was!).

All in all ABRT/Team Latitude are kicking butt this year and to top it off we are getting some great publicity, particularly from the local paper, The Capital (Based in Annapolis).

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