Monday, March 24, 2008

National Marathon Countdown: T-minus 6 days

Yesterday's basketball marathon went well, the Terps won and advanced to the second round on Tuesday and Sarah and I had a relaxing time watching it all. Although I think that we must be paying for it slightly now as we are both dead tired....why is it that you often feel more tired from doing nothing than when you are active?

So now all eyes are on the National Marathon this coming Saturday and after the weekend workouts (as well as the past four weeks) it is a nice recovery and taper week. For today I have a gentle 50min run and then the rest of the week is filled with a few short workouts and brief periods of race pace efforts just to keep the body ticking over. With any luck that will get me to start line on Saturday morning in good shape for the 26.2 mile "jaunt" through the District of Columbia. Later this week I will post the course map and profile (if you are interested that is.....) and also any other cool information about the race.

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