Friday, January 4, 2008

Boy was the gym packed....

Last night was the first time that I had ventured into the cardio and weight area of the gym since the New Year (you can access the pool without even looking at a dumbbell!). During the off-season I generally try and get in at least one "strength-session" (i.e., weights) a week and every year around this period the gym gets really packed with people making good on their resolutions.

Normally the "Resolution" period lasts a couple of months as some manage to stick with it and some don't. It's good that people want to try and get into shape and put the gym membership to good use and it is especially good for regulars at the gym as you get to see some great sights. In recent days I have witnessed the following;

a) One man who I originally thought was getting changed to go home after a shower, spending 20 minutes getting ready to workout, including combing his hair and making sure he looked good (much preening in front of the mirror).....I wonder if he sweated during his workout?

b) One man in the pool who had obviously decided that he would do a series of 25 yard lengths and rest for minutes in between each length......much to the chagrin of the person waiting for a free lane!

c) One young man walking to warm up on a treadmill and then running for a total of about 3 minutes before stopping and heading to the locker room.

There was also a whole host of people who are no doubt feeling very stiff this morning after their workout last night.....we all need to start somewhere don't we, do you remember your first day at the gym?

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