Friday, October 26, 2007

The Hamster Wheel Effect.....

For what seems like the first time since April we are having some prolonged rainfall and with only two weeks to go until the 70.3M World Championships, I had no option than to head to the gym and get onto the Hamster Wheel. Yes, I am a fair weather runner and see it as a pointless venture to head out in the rain (snow I can do but way!).

As such I found myself on the treadmill last night trying to bash out a quick hour and trying not to bathe the runner next to me in sweat......and that's the worse thing about treadmills in the gym, there is just no way not to lose half your bodily fluids whilst forming a new swimming pool around the machine. An hour (or more) is not my ideal way to run but it is a necessary evil when the weather decides not to fully cooperate. With that the realization has set-in that the winter is coming and there will be plenty more sessions on the hamster wheel trying to get the run miles also looks like I will be back there tonight, I wonder what the weather is like on the Big Island!

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