Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Final Eleven Days....

Yep, there are only eleven days left until the 70.3M World Championships down in Clearwater, FL. This will be the final "A" race of the year and will be the start of my winter break, which currently is scheduled to be a month long depending upon weather and how the body feels.

So beginning on Saturday the race taper starts but not before a 10km race early in the morning....I am aiming for another PR which would mean going lower than 35mins 55secs. By all accounts the 10km course in College Park in pretty flat and should yield fast times, lets hope so. Btw the race is the College Park Cares 10km

We then fly down to Florida late on Wednesday night (Nov 7th) and prepare for the race (well, I do everyone else enjoys the vacation!). We will have our entourage in tow, the Banks Seniors as well as the Toft Seniors who fly in to see us from Spain this coming Sunday.....I'm not sure what causes more stress, the race or having the parents around (I think they get more stressed about the racing than I do!).

So there we have it, only eleven days to go till the end of the season, one 10km and one last chance to go under 4hrs 30mins for 70.3M.....then in about a month training starts over again!

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