Friday, May 11, 2007

Update of the season so far

Well to get y'all up to date.....I have competed in two cycling races, the Jefferson Cup down in Charlottesville, VA and the club-run (I am a member of the Annapolis Bicycle Racing Team/Team Latitude) Tour of Walkersville. These are generally early season races to get some decent riding time in before the triathlon season starts in late spring....having a race to look forward to also gives you something to aim for during the weeks of training and preparation. The highlight of the spring however, was my first Ultra race, which took place in early March and was the Seneca Creek Trail 50km. I had been looking forward to this race since the Ironman had taken place back in November, 2006. Having only ever done one marathon (and that was at Ironman) I didn't have much experience of running long and certainly not on trails. To cut a long story short, I had a complete blast despite the very icy and treacherous conditions and placed 11th overall in a time of 5hrs 17mins (including a small 15min detour when I lost the trail...damn my color blindness). This was a great initial foray into ultra running and I plan to try and few more out before the year is out. With the triathlon season approaching though, ultra's will be generally kept to the spring and fall period. Only a brief update of the season as I need to get off to the pool for a swim....I will update next on my first two triathlon's of the season.

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