Monday, July 10, 2017

Xterra Ex2 Race Report 2017 - It's a short one!

This past weekend was the Xterra Ex2 rce up at Rocky Gap State Park in Flintstone.  I didn't race this course last year as we were back in England but did in 2015 (see previous post for that recap).

It's a great course with a clear lake swim, a rocky but fast bike course and a technical run.  After a pre-ride which included the 2nd lap in pouring rain on Saturday afternoon I was really looking forward to battling on Sunday.

Unfortunately it wasn't to be....after a great swim and being 5th out of the water, I had moved into 3rd on the bike in the first couple of miles, feeling pretty damn good before a rock ripped the tire and ended my day!  Oh well, the perils of racing in the dirt is that mechanical issues have a much greater part to play than regular road triathlons.

At least it didn't happen at a qualifier for Worlds or even at Worlds!  Time to take a recovery week and then get back to logging the training.  It's all in for Maui at Xterra World's from here on in!

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