Sunday, January 8, 2017

December 2016: Training Ramblings......Spain!

December was the real start of getting some base training in prior to the New Year and kicking off the 2017 season.  The last part of the year had been minimal in terms of "training" more of just "exercising" so some structure was needed and in a twist of fate it also coincided with an unexpected Christmas trip to Spain to visit Sarah's parents.  Unfortunately Sarah's Dad had been diagnosed with cancer in the Fall and it was a good time to head out and help them out as well as visit for the holiday period.  Too many cooks in the kitchen and all that meant that Sarah took her parents to the daily treatments while I headed out on the bike for a few hours.  Although having visited the Costa Blanca on a number of occasions in recent years, this was the first time that I had decided to rent a bike and get some serious mileage in.....a training camp of sorts!  The bike left a little to be desired but for less than $100 for the week, an aluminium frame with 8-speed shimano served me just fine especially as I ended up abusing it for over 350 miles in that week.

As the photos below show I had a great time riding and was able to ride a different route every day with some variety each day. The Costa Blanca south of Alicante doesn't have any real mountains but has some decent elevation if you go looking for it as well as some great rolling roads through rural villages with very minimal traffic. With it being late December the temperatures started off in the low 50's and ended up at the mid-60's by the middle of the day.....would I go back for a more riding here even if the in-laws weren't here, for sure!
Recovery Day coffee ride to Catrel

Orange groves everywhere

Rural roads without cars for miles

Does it goes to 11? Nope just the 8 speeds!

Good and empty roads

This was the day I saw Pro rider Edvald Boasson Hagen on the road
Gas station Belgium waffles!
Cabezo de la Plata....6 miles of climbing stuff!

Shall we climb?
It wasn't all riding...

Christmas Day with the In-Laws....#selfietime
So the week away gave me a great boost of not only riding a ton but being in Spain with Sarah....perhaps three of my favorite things!  Onwards and upwards as we move into the New Year and 2017 goals!

What I am drinking this month:
1562 RoasteryEthiopia Sidamo Guji. Tasting Notes: Brown sugar, caramel, pear, floral. Sourced From: Keffa Coffee

December 2016 Total: 757miles/53hrs 17mins/2825 TSS
Swim: 4.5m/2hrs 20mins/ 152 TSS
Bike: 667m/39hrs 42mins/ 1803 TSS
Run: 85.8m/10hrs 55mins/ 849 TSS

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