Sunday, October 25, 2015

Xterra Worlds 2015 Countdown: 7 days to go.....

With 7 days to go all the preparation is done...well mostly, at least the logistics are all ready!  We fly out on Wednesday and are staying on the same resort as the race so an easy location to see the course prior to race day on Sunday November 1.  Hopefully over the next week I'll update daily about the preparations, the course, my expectations and Maui!

On the 7th day until race day I headed out later in the day for a couple of easy hours on the trails at Rosaryville State Park. It was a little rainy this morning so I gained some more sleep and had a belgian waffle breakfast with Sarah.....a good start to the day!

Ideally I would have liked to head to the Fountainhead trails as they are more technical and it would have been more of a solid day to test out the new race bike....the Orbea Oiz M-Team edition. Unfortunately the rainy conditions meant that Fountainhead shut so the slick and leafy trails of Rosaryville were the best option.  In the end it turned out to be a fun couple of hours as it gave me a chance to ride the bike in less than ideal conditions.

I'm so fortunate that Orbea wanted to help out and sponsor me for the Xterra Worlds that I now have an absolute rocket ship underneath me.  It really is a whole flight of steps greater than my aluminium hardtail that I have been riding all year. After just a couple of rides I can tell that it will be such an advantage on race day and makes me wish I had it all summer long....I'll look forward even more so to the 2016 races!

The rest of the day was very casual, begun the packing for Maui, a few small chores, the pre-race haircut......7 days to go!

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