Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Xterra Worlds 2015 Countdown: 5 days to go.....Expectations

Tuesday: 5 days to go and the bike is ready to get to Maui.  That is the main worry now, ensuring that we get there and the bike gets there, preferably at the same time!

Had to go in the big boys box....the bag just didn't cut it! Thanks to Parvilla Cycles!
Training wise  it was a very short and simple run today on the treadmill. Just a few strides in a 3 mile run which is essentially an easy pace run with short bursts of race pace.  Nothing taxing and allowed me to finish the pile of work on my desk :-)

Yesterday I didn't get round to rambling about my race expectations.....without doubt it will be an amazing trip and a great race, but what do I expect of myself in terms of a race and race result.  It is something that I have been thinking about for the past few weeks.  Training has gone well - it's been consistent and steady, the technical skills on the bike have gradually got better and with the new Orbea Oiz it will only be better.  

From what I know of the course, which is based on video of last year and a few race reports, it is more of a fitness course than a technical course. That bodes well for me as I tend to do better on those courses, less time to lose over the technical stuff. The entire course is hilly....sustained climbs, not something that we have around here but again an area where hopefully fitness will trump technique.  

The run course looks to be 3 miles up and 3 miles down with the final section on the beach.  Luckily both Sarah and Dad are running the 10km over the same course the day before on Saturday....they can give me the skinny.  Heat will certainly play a part. Daytime highs are around 85 with significant humidity which isn't much different from Maryland....if it were August!  The last few weeks have been solidly in the 60's here so it will definitely feel hot when we land tomorrow! Four days won't be enough for acclimatization so it will be a matter of keeping on top of the hydration and nutrition before and during the race.

Result wise I know it will be very stiff competition, after all it is the World Championships.  Based on previous years results and times I think a top 15 in age group would be a very solid result and one I would be pleased with.  Although a trip to Maui won't be in the cards every year, I hope to be back to Worlds and can use this trip as a stepping stone to bigger and better results. 

To wet the appetite here are some images from today of where we will be swimming!

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