Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Training 2014: By the numbers

2014 was a year of change, fun and a whole lot less training. The change in job and not preparing for an ironman made a huge difference.
Total Time:                      380 hrs 45 mins  (-18% over 2013)
Total Mileage:                  5674 miles         (-9.3% over 2013)

Ave/week:                         7 hrs 28 mins            111 miles

Swim:                             17 hrs  51 mins         31.46 miles
Bike:                             282 hrs  57 mins     5017.81 miles
Run:                               78 hrs  33 mins        624.80 miles

2014 Training Hours by %

I raced a whole lot more, buoyed by 'cross and road racing: 34 times - 5 tri's/du's, 1 running race and 28 cycling/cyclocross races, which included 7 overall wins (5 cross wins, 2 triathlon wins), 4 podiums and the Sportif Series win.

Overall you can see that the bike dominated the training this year. Running and swimming took a back step, especially swimming with the entire Fall seeing me not swim at all.  I still seem to be able to perform well on relatively low run mileage which is good, just as long as there aren't any long-distance triathlons involved where the lack of distance would be obvious.

So the focus for the 2015 season is going to be tackled in the next posting.....

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