Wednesday, May 21, 2014

April 2014: Training Ramblings......Running? What's That?

As the title of this post suggests, running was lackluster this month and that would be an understatement. With Ironman St George 70.3m on the first weekend of May, preparation wasn't exactly ideal but cycling has been a blast and I feel the strongest in many years on the bike. So much so that I actually hit over 1000 watts in April for the furst time ever...for a scrawny triathlete I am pretty pleased about that!

In total I raced on the road three times - the All American Road Race Cat 3 race which was just forgettable for the ABRT team. We had the team but some errors lead us to miss the major break of the day, pretty much the only team that did so we were literally playing catch-up for the rest of the race and couldn't make amends.  By the end of the race (60miles) I was totally gassed and just about held onto the group.  The combination of a lack of  longer miles and just hard work in the middle of the race made it one tough race.

A couple of weeks later at the Carl Dolan Circuit race, it followed the typical pattern of the standard industrial park race with a few futile attacks, some squirrelly crashes and then a gallop of a sprint finish.  I made a few futile attacks, missed the crashes and declined the gallop.....I did my best to get an ABRT'er to the top ten so not all was lost.

The final race of the month, which will be the last for a while was the Melford Circuit race....with it being just 2 miles from the house you can't not race really! As Carl Dolan, this is your typical industrial park circuit race with nothing of any note to separate the field aside from some amped up racers all wanting to hurtle round at 26mph for 45mins.  Want to know what that looks like?  take a look at ABRT Cat 3 Captain and general Sprint King as he orders his team around like a BOSS! (Capt. Hogan starts barking at about 2:00mins in but look for the good #sockdoping from me)

All in all a good and fun month.  Road racing takes a hiatus for May as IM St George takes over as well as visits from both set's of parents in the coming weeks.....besides I probably should start running a bit more in prep for these triathlons!

April Total: 678.55 Miles / 38 hours 9 minutes

Swim: 4,130 yards / ~2.35 miles / 1 hours 19 minutes
Bike: 657.7 miles / 34 hours 37 minutes
Run: 18.50 miles / 2 hours 13 minutes

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