Thursday, February 13, 2014

Jan 25th - Jan 31st: Training Ramblings.......Changes

After a brief hiatus from work, it was the start of the new job this week.  A new daily commute to D.C, longer hours and subsequently less time for training.  Things are going to change and it will have to be much more quality than quantity. It's a great career move but I have to say that the commute to D.C. isn't something that I am looking forward to.  On the plus side I should be able to hit the Hains Point lunch time ride a few times a week when things settle down a bit.

From one of the few rides I did this week.....Ergvideo Group Ride on the Computrainer

So last week was nice what with having the week between jobs, this week brought a cold! The first week at the new job and I am sniffing, sneezing and coughing all over the place.  As such, training was minimal and included a solid five days of nothing-ness.  It probably came at a good time, if there ever is a good time to have a cold.  Getting used to the new hours etc will take a little while - not that I can complain but the old job was a 15min commute and shorter hours!

The one advantage of sitting looking at the trunks of the car's in front of me on US50 every morning is that I get to think about stuff.....primarily training and what my goals are for the coming week, month and 2014 season.  Obviously things are going to change a bit. In the next posting, I'll go into more detail about those goals and how the training process will change to accomplish those goals.

Total: 56.5 Miles / 3 hours 03 minutes

Swim: 0 yards / ~0 miles / 0 hours 0 minutes
Bike: 53 miles / 2 hours 40 minutes
Run: 3.5 miles /0 hours 23 minutes

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