Thursday, December 12, 2013

Nov 30th - Dec 6th: Training Ramblings.....MABRA 'Cross Championships

After a more voluminous week last week, this week was a planned recovery week.  It did start off on Sunday with the MABRA Cyclocross Championships which also doubled up as the D.C. and Maryland State Championship races.

Fortunately I had a good 2nd row starting position in the Masters 3/4 race, unfortunately I didn't take advantage of it due to getting rear ended on the start line and having to sort out the rear brake just 50 meters from the line. The field was relatively small compared to some races so I was able to get back and through the field by the end of the first lap and then start hunting down the top 10.  With the course gradually melting as the laps went by, I was able to gradually reel people in and it was beneficial to have raced the course last year so I at least knew the decent lines to take (whether I executed them is a different matter!)

If you are wondering what it all means....check out the awesome videos at

By the end of the race I had got to 3rd so made the podium and with the guys in 1st and 2nd not being from Maryland, I was State Champion for Masters 3/4.

3rd Place and the Maryland Champion
With the rest of the week being a recovery from a good build through November, it was filled with a couple of shorter steady runs and a few rides indoors on the computrainer at Parvilla Cycles.  It was a needed rest and now the build starts again with a run focus for December as I will have two weeks off the bike while on vacation.

 Total: 66 Miles / 6 hours 24 minutes

Swim: 5,450 yards / ~3.09 miles / 1 hours 46 minutes
Bike: 50 miles / 3 hours 0 minutes
Run: 13 miles /1 hours 38 minutes

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