Thursday, December 5, 2013

Nov 23rd - Nov 29th: Training Ramblings...Thanksgiving Version

No 'cross racing this weekend so it was a chance to get a longer endurance ride in with the usual crew of Mike F and Ace, with Ali tagging on for Zone 2 for some miles.  Well, what a day to choose!, 25mph winds giving a windchill below freezing. Fortunately we had a planned coffee stop at Sidamo on our way to Maple Lawn via the Tridelphia Reservoir in Howard County. The coffee shop was about halfway through the ride and after 1hr 50mins to get there, the wind propelled us home in 1hr 25mins.  Overall it was good to get out for an extended ride and it was an awesome route.

Bowie to Fulton and back
The rest of the week was great, had good motivation, knocked out most of the runs on the treadmill due to the weather, including a 12miler (thank heaven for IMTalk podcasts). Had a solid powercrank ride on Thanksgiving morning and then a steady group ride on Black Friday at the 3rd Annual Parvilla Cycles Cranksgiving Ride.

Cranksgiving Ride at Parvilla Cycles
So with the couple of days off work, it gave a bigger training week than the November average.

Total: 171 Miles / 13 hours 29 minutes

Swim: 5,500 yards / ~3.12 miles / 1 hours 56 minutes
Bike: 135 miles / 7 hours 45 minutes
Run: 32 miles / 3 hours 47 minutes

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