Monday, December 30, 2013

Dec 14th - Dec 20th: Training Ramblings.....Correr en España

On Saturday we jetted off for the holiday vacation back to the UK and Spain for two weeks, meaning that I would be off the bike for 14 days so run, run, run it was.  The first week was split between the UK and then off to Spain to see Sarah's parents who now live out there.

It was good to run around the old haunts of my childhood while in Southend, it seemed such a long way when I was on my bike as a it is just part of a run! In Spain it was fun to run on different roads and especially along the canal which just goes on and on and on and on (ok you get the idea).  The weather is Spain was fine, not hot and sunny like we all think it is. They have a winter too, so it was shorts and long-sleeve for running. 

Orihuela on the first day in Spain

Aside from the first travel day to the UK, I ran every day so in 6 days got in 45miles, which for me is about double for a regular December week.  The legs held up and managed to get in some decent efforts, fueled by a solid November run month.

I also squeezed in a swim at the local center that opened last year.....slightly embarrassing that you had to wear a swim cap, which I didn't have. I think the lifeguard was having great fun when he gave me this one... 

It did me a solid for 45mins swimming though!


Total: 46 Miles / 6 hours 05 minutes

Swim: 2,250 yards / ~1.28 miles / 0 hours 44 minutes
Bike: 0 miles / 0 hours 0 minutes
Run: 45 miles /5 hours 21 minutes

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