Thursday, November 21, 2013

Nov 9th - Nov 15th: Training Ramblings

This week was a nice solid week. It included a cross race on Sunday and the day off work on the Monday, which coincided with my birthday (no, still the same age group before you ask!).

As far as the cross race goes, I was a little stiffed on my starting position at Schooley Mill. After signing up pretty early, I should have been mid-pack as far as the start grid was concerned but even though there were 104 racers pre-registered I was somehow given bib 105.....right at the very back!  With that start position a good result was already out of the question and it became a matter of how many people could I pass during the race.  I ended up in 27th, so a good kill ratio, but still a little miffed at how I could get that starting position. There is always next week. Importantly my glue job on the wheels/tires was awesome and the new Challenge Fango's were great!

Moving through the field at Schooley Mill

With Monday being my birthday, Greg (whose birthday is a couple days before mine) and I did our annual birthday swim set.  This year it was 36 x 100's, it's more of a social swim so not a hammer, just a good way to get some yardage in and shoot the breeze.  We did realize the flaw in the methodology though, as we get older the yardage will increase! Might have to work on a fancy equation that starts to decrease the length as we pass a certain age.

The rest of the week was solid, most importantly getting the 2nd swim in, a couple of powercrank sessions and another mile added to the long run.  If I can keep up with the progression and consistency, I'll be in good shape as the 2014 season approaches.

For now the run week consists of 4 runs:
 - Long Run: just steady miles at the moment - endurance
 - Hill Repeats - strength
 - Speed session - leg speed and pace
 - Tempo session - threshold speed

Total: 104 Miles / 9 hours 41 minutes

Swim: 6,500 yards / ~3.69 miles / 2 hours 11 minutes
Bike: 75 miles / 4 hours 28 minutes
Run: 24.6 miles / 3 hours 01 minutes

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