Sunday, September 22, 2013

Operation 2014.....Let's get going!

Ironman Louisville is now a month ago and aside from the cyclocross race of the off-season, I have pretty much been taking a rest.  It's been a time of reflection of the past triathlon season and importantly looking to the 2014 and really seeing what I want to do.  I had already decided before IMKY that an Ironman in 2014 was a no go, so what does that leave.....

Well, the off season will be full of cyclocross, something I got back into last late fall after a hiatus of almost 10 years, it's a great fall focus and is huge amounts of fun. Look for some posts about that.  As for the triathlon goals, there are a few, some will be kept closer to the chest but the key for me in 2014 is to get back to enjoying the sport like I once did.  To do that I have already signed for Ironman 70.3m in St. George (great course, great area) and will once again go for IM 70.3m at Eagleman. There will be other races but those are the two goals for the first half of the year. To be honest this past season became a chore, trying to squeeze in ironman training around everything else, 70.3m will allow me to train at a level of greater intensity without the need for extended hours like 140.6m.  I think I can do that and be successful....more structure, more intensity, better quality. 

Key word for 2014........

So how do I plan to do that? October for me will be primarily base training, no great intensity aside from cross racing most weekends, and really getting into structure and importantly habits. 

1) Getting to the pool early in the morning has always been a struggle for me and this fall/winter I am really going to work hard on that. If I can get into a routine of doing it three times every week for just a month then it will become much easy to continue, esp. if my swimming gets stronger. 

2) Another key element will be structured cycling. The winter time has always been good for me as I am generally on the rollers much of the time and I can consistently gain strength through that time.  The tricky part comes when Spring comes around and I get caught in the group ride aspect and not focusing on my own needs.  That will change for 2014.

3) This past season was tough from a running perspective. If you read my IMKY report, the long run was my Achilles heel.  It was a time issue in getting to run long.  For 70.3m that still needs to happen and I need to make it happen.  I know I can run fast as I have done it after 56miles before, I also know what I need to do to run fast.....2014 it will happen, stick to the plan!

Beside of the two major races, others will be road racing with ABRT and concentrating on becoming a beast on the bike.  To get more competitive again in 70.3m it really comes down to laying down one hell of a bike split with a fast run.....the whole sport has progressed so much in the last few years that it will be a year of renewed focus.  No I don't need any more hours, just more focus on quality and intensity!

The number one goal for 2014, get back to being competitive at 70.3m and goal number two is Mont Tremblant in September for the 70.3m Worlds. Time for Operation 2014.

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