Monday, January 7, 2013

2012 by the numbers.....

2012 was a very solid year from a triathlon perspective, two good Ironman's, an 8hr trail race and the National Duathlon Championship.  As we are now into 2013 it's good to look back over the numbers and see what was what.
2012 Distribution
Total Time:                      535hrs 51mins
Total Mileage:                  7110.23 miles

Ave/week:                     10hrs 18mins       136.74 miles

Swim:                             74hrs  52mins     136.38 miles
Bike:                              311hrs 32mins     5790.71 miles
Run:                               145hrs 29mins     1183.14 miles

I raced 14 times - 7 tri's/du's, 4 running races and 3 cycling/cyclocross races (630 miles raced), which included 3 overall wins, 7 age-group wins and 8 podiums.

Overall you can see that the bike dominates the training and swimming is definitely the red headed step-child.  I seem to be able to perform well on relatively low yearly run mileage which is good, I just ramp up in the build for big races.

So the key for the 2013 season.  Become stronger on the bike is the major goal.  If I can knock 5-10mins off my Ironman split but keep the same 3:15-3:20 run time it would really push me closer to the a 9hr 30min Ironman time and those elusive IM World Championship slots......

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