Friday, October 12, 2012

2012 ChesapeakeMan Nutrition Report (9:44:53/5th o'all)

Coming into ChesapeakeMan I had taken a serious review of my nutritional needs for racing long distance.  I felt as though IM St George and Eagleman 70.3m hadn't gone to plan from a nutritional perspective and I wanted to make some adjustments.  These are always made from race to race, based on conditions but I felt that I needed to go back to the drawing board. As such, I spent the summer testing out numerous different approaches and found one that I thought would work on race day. This report is my own personal strategy and is not meant as an guide of what you should do, but a reference to help what you could do when developing your own strategy.  

Here goes......

ChesapeakeMan Ultra Distance Triathlon (Ironman) – Sept 29, 2012 
Race Totals: 9:44:53 
Swim: 1:08:42
Bike: 5:14:12 (21.4 mph) 
Run: 3:17:46 (7:33 per mile) 
5th place overall 

BREAKFAST: Consumed between 4:30am – 4:50am

  • (2) Magnesium capsules
  • (1) Vitacost multivitamin
  • (2) Fish Oil capsules
  • (2) Spiralina capsules
  • (2) packets Glutenfreeda oatmeal with water
  • (1) ProBar Superfruit Slam
  • (2) SaltStick capsules

PRE-SWIM: (1) bottle w/ (2) scoops EFS + (1) SaltStick

SWIM TOTALS: 1:08:42

Bike Nutrition: 

  • Starting Bottle: (2) scoops EFS + (4) scoops CarboPro
  • 2x EFS Liquid Shot Flasks (Kona Mocha/Vanilla) 
  • Approx (0.5) bottles of on-course Gatorade (90 calories) 
  • (7) 20oz water at every aid station (probably 2/3 of each)
  • (4) SaltStick capsules
  • Special needs Bottle: (2) scoops EFS + (4) scoops CarboPro

*~140oz total fluid intake on the bike or approximately 27oz per hour

Bike Nutrition Totals: 

  • Calories: 2100 (400 per hour)
  • CHO: 524g
  • Sugar: 164g
  • Sodium: 4560mg (868 per hour)
  • Potassium: 1432mg (273 per hour)
  • Caffeine: 120mg

*For reference, I raced at ~163LBS [Hourly Caloric Intake (Bike): 2.45 calories /LB per hour]

BIKE TOTALS: 5:14:12 - 21.4 mph

Run Nutrition: 

  • 1-2 'cups' of Gatorade & (1) 'cup' of water taken at every aid station
  • 4-6oz of coke consumed at (2) aid stations which had coke
  • SaltStick Capsules: (24) capsules total, consumed at (2) every two miles.
  • (1) Clifbar Shot Blocks
  • (2) Hammer gel

Run Nutrition Totals: 

  • Calories: 800* (246 per hour)
  • CHO: 195g
  • Sugar: 133g
  • Sodium: 4700mg ( 1445 per hour)
  • Potassium: 1312mg (403 per hour)
  • Caffeine: 770mg (236 per hour)

*The run was assuming ~2.5oz of Gatorade and 2oz of water consumed at each of (24) aid stations (~108oz total fluid on the run or approximately 33oz per hour)

RUN TOTALS: 3:17:46 - 7:33 per mile 

Report format taken from Brian Shea at Personal Best Nutrition


TriDaddy said...

Ok, I have some questions. how did you get the 2.4 calories / lb? Also did you use total weight or lean muscle mass? The calculation I got was 2x your lean muscle mass is why I'm asking. Plus I just love the spurlina usage because it's such a complete protein. Also what's the theory behind the fish oil?

Iain Banks said...

Used total weight in lbs and got 2.4calories/lb/hr by dividing total calories intake by hours on bike by total weight (not lean muscle mass). Theory behind the fish oil is for the daily Omega 3 benefits. I take it daily so why change that on raceday.