Friday, April 27, 2012

Where did time go?.....10 days out!

Whoa....Ironman St George is almost upon me as I sit here it is 10 days to go until May 5th!  All the training is done and I feel as though it went pretty well.  Having never done an Ironman this early in the season only time will tell but the workouts have been solid.

I had a couple of good confidence boosters in races, a 1hr 16min half-marathon in March and an overall win at the Rumpass in Bumpass Sprint Triathlon just a week ago.  The new bike fit has been absolutely awesome and I wish I had changed my position way sooner!  The switch to 165mm cranks has really improved my comfort over long distances on the bike as well as my efficient when running off the bike.

I never got round to showing the March training totals so here goes:

Swim: 9hrs 25mins  16.37miles  532 TSS
Bike: 37hrs 26mins 699.87miles 2105.9 TSS
Run: 16hrs 01min  137.80miles 1263.2 TSS

Fortunately I was able to get a solid "home" training camp for a week during March which was in amazing weather (for March) and that really set up the March training block.

I promise an April update and photos from St George will come shortly!

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