Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Weighty Issues...Again!

Well I hope that everyone had a great holiday and you are looking forward to the New Year Festivities. After my last post about weight issues etc, typically I managed to pick up a stomach virus on the evening of Dec 23rd, which although was in full force only overnight, its effects were still being felt on Christmas Day. Yep, it meant that I couldn't do justice to the feast that Spencer and Kristin had put on (well, mainly Kristin I think!).

It got me thinking back to my post and as Sarah gave me a odd look as I climbed onto the scales after a night of being sick.....a loss of 5lbs, I was at summer race weight! I felt as though I had been hit by a truck and had voided everything that I had eaten the previous day. The virus did a number on me and still now 5 days later, I am starting to get my appetite back and only yesterday did I feel like working out.

I'm pretty sure that I have made up the 5lbs already as the body rights itself but it made me remember to say that if you do try and lose weight, do it slowly :-)

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