Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The 5th Column............

No this isn't related to the V TV series (either the current version or the 80's one), but it is the 5th element of long-distance triathlon. The common 4 are:





All are critical for success in long-distance triathlon but the 5th element has arisen in recent years with the growth of the internet, social marketing and importantly blogs and twitter etc. No longer do you get to race and just race not really knowing who is in your field or what results people have had this season.

Now, you go to a race and through the various social marketing outlets you know exactly what form people are in, how they have prepared for the race, what their season results have been and what they are expecting to do.

So just for reference my training has been lousy the last few weeks, not feeling it at all, if I ride away on the bike just let me go as I will probably just blow up and walk the run :-)

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