Friday, March 19, 2010

Let's Get This Party Started........

There are a number of reasons that I want to get the National Marathon over and done with:

a) It's the true start of the racing season.
b) Because I know that it is gonna hurt.
c) I want to know how the training has been progressing.
d) I can get on with a specific bike training block.

At the moment d) is probably the most critical in terms of the upcoming triathlon season. The winter weather put a bit of a dent in the bike training in terms of long rides and I still feel behind in that respect.

After tomorrow, it will be full-on into the bike block. Basically it will be biking, biking, biking with the added fun of introducing bricks into the workouts for the first time this year. Those bricks will keep the running ticking along, swimming will be in the mornings but I need to get the mileage in.

The other reason for wanting to get the marathon done is that I have a cool appointment after the race......more about that next week :-)

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Lance Lacy said...

Good luck my friend... When your hurting you must hurt more.