Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Now That Was Cool.........

Last night was the monthly meeting for ABRT and we were lucky enough to have Bike Doctor of Annapolis host the event, they even provided a range of food and beer and wine, what more can you ask for! The new team kit design was showcased and it was received well, I think it looks "proper pukka" (sorry, English terms again) and should stand out from the crowd at races in 2010. With any luck it will be out front crossing the line first quite a few times as well :-)

The main attraction of the evening however, was the guest speaker, none other than US cycling legend John Howard. Not only is John a multi national champion, he also raced at three Olympic Games, was a co-founder of RAAM, won the 1981 Ironman World Championships and set the Bicycle Speed record at 152.2MPH (and didn't break any bones in the process!). You can find much more about John at http://www.johnhowardsports.com/.

So why was he at ABRT's monthly meeting? He is here at Bike Doctor this whole week performing FiTTE's on 20 of ABRT's finest and ensuring that we remain the fastest in Mabra-land! Just watching John explain the details of the FiTTE system and then being able to pick his brain about all things bike related was a great experience and I am sure that the over 40 members that attended had a blast.

Fortunately I was to able to discuss one-on-one with John about his Ironman experiences and to hear what it takes to be a World Champion on the Big Island......I'll just keep that to myself and then we will see next year if it works :-)

If you want to speak with John be sure to get down to Bike Doctor Annapolis before the week is out. All FiTTE's are sold-out but I am sure he would welcome you to watch him at work and discuss how the system works.

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