Friday, October 2, 2009

Motor Pacing.....90km in 90mins!

I have always loved the idea of motor-pacing and this video just makes it look so cool.....this was taken on Thursday. Tim Marr chilling on the scooter and 2007 World Champion Chris McCormack cruising along at 60km/h on the new Specialized Shiv. Plus it's in Kona so the scenery and weather isn't bad!

Doesn't that look so cool......right then, who has a scooter!


Chris H said...

I'm all about getting a scooter! I just need to find someone willing to drive. I've been searching ebay for something decent and cheap.

Iain Banks said...

I'll drive it.....would be cool! You could pretty pace all the way down route 2 for 30miles :-)