Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Is My Seat Too Low?.......

So on Saturday a friend asked if I wouldn't mind taking a quick look over her bike to make sure that everything was in working order etc. It has been in storage over the last few months and she wanted me to check that nothing had been damaged in various moves.

I pumped up the tires and made sure the brakes were functioning and then went on a little ride to test. Trouble is that I am in the middle of my final Ironman build and I had a 5 hour, 100 mile ride off I went!

I think the saddle was a little low and that's why my knees were aching afterwards, the gears weren't the perfect ratio for 100 miles but they got me through, and the 38cm frame gave me a nice standover clearance. Here is me after the ride.....not sure the bike is still in working order after that :-)

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Anonymous said...

I made the blog!!! Very exciting. My bike might have been in shock as it has never see 100 miles on one ride.