Friday, April 24, 2009

The Eternal Search....

The bane of every swimmer is the search for long-lasting trunks that resist the evil power of chlorine......chlorine does the unimaginable to swim trunks, including changing the color and making them see-through (not an ideal situation as you can well imagine!)

Some of the conversations overheard in pools around the country are like mother's meetings, with the comparison of nylon vs. polyester vs. lycra/spandex. Very nerdy indeed but oh so important. You don't want too much spandex/lycra as they wear out too fast but too much nylon or polyester and they don't stretch (and for some of the people that I have seen swimming, they need lots of stretch to fit over the Sweet Hawaiian Rolls!).

Typically I have gone for the standard Kiefer training trunk, a durable trunk with a blend of nylon and lycra....yet after four months of swimming they tend to wear and certainly embarrasses Sarah when I head down to the pool. So what to do? Obviously conferring with fellow swimmers you try to find what brand has worked for them.....which lead me to these!

Dolfin Uglies.....91% polyester and 9% spandex. Sarah thought I was joking when I told her I had got a pair of these, if she was embarrassed by the washed out pair, I think she is mortified by these. It's not as though she is down the pool at 6:00 AM with me, so she shouldn't worry too much. First time in the pool for these babies is Monday and that's when the clock starts ticking, how long will they resist their arch enemy...chlorine!

For now I will refrain from posting a picture of me in the trunks....need to get a tan for that :-)


Lisa J said...

Ha! That's teh funniest thing I've seen in ages! I look forward to hearing the update!

Iain Banks said...

Just wait till you see me in them...that's even funnier!