Friday, March 6, 2009

Ah....Is Spring in the Air?

Despite the 8 inches of snow that was dumped on Bowie this past Monday it appears that Spring may be trying to push winter away. The clocks "spring" forward this Sunday, which means more daylight in the evenings and we all know that that means Tuesday and Thursday evening hammerfests!

Other elements of Spring are also beginning to show....

1)The races are opening up for registration and promptly closing about 5 minutes later for the Cat 4 and 5's. So far this week I have signed up for five races if you include Tradezone.

2)Rita's Italian Ice stores are opening their doors this's hoping they keep with the coffee flavored custard for 2009 :-)

3)Spring training has started for MLB, which means that the Bowie Baysox season is only a few weeks away.....not much beats a beer and a ballgame.

4)Sarah is buying up summer dresses like there is no tomorrow (I guess that's the trade off for racing and buying bike parts!)

And most importantly the weather this weekend is forecast to hit the high-60's and low 70's. Bit of a contrast to the marathon race conditions of last week....might even get to ride in shorts!

1 comment:

chris said...

Aww grass and daffodils....skirts and skin. Register early or be zone ...I wonder if they would notice if I jumped into the race on the backside to experience the b race ?