Monday, February 16, 2009

4500 yards........

After being back in the pool for a couple of weeks and just getting the feel of the water etc etc, this morning was the first 5:45AM wake-up call of the season! Those are never easy....

Fortunately I now have a bit more motivation to get to the pool early as I have joined other Sportfit swimmers, Charlie and Cara, and hope to regularly swim with them three mornings a week. Charlie, by the way, is the former University of Maryland varsity swim coach and also runs the Swim Pro store in Glenndale. (Coincidentally that is the shop that I buy my goggles from!...small world). Cara is a semi-pro triathlete stepping up from the Olympic distance to 70.3M this season.

This morning I joined in with their scheduled session and did 3 x 1500yds working on aerobic and pacing. 4500 yards is the longest I have swum for a long time and no doubt when I head to the gym this evening for a weight workout and speed treadmill session the arms and shoulders will feel sore!

Swimming with others will only serve to help me though and that is a major area where I can improve this season. It will also give some extra motivation not to turn the alarm off and go back to sleep :-)

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