Friday, January 16, 2009

View From The Trainer....

Based on my last post, here are the views from the trainer in the Garage of Rage....





(As recommended by Kyle!)


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Kyle Jones said...

The mirror is a great thing huh. Dude you need to get a power meter. The best investment I have made. I was thinking about it tonight on the bike. My mind is centered on it and it is a great goal setter. You can also track progress really easy. I love to see what I can do and hold. It feels like weight lifting on how focused with my body it makes me. Steady progress makes it fun. With he your blindly pedaling. The other night I was able to do 15 watts higher than last time with a hr lower and felt great. Plus you can tell when your getting a little burned out I feel. Keep training and I look forward to racing with you.