Friday, October 3, 2008

ChesapeakeMan Race Reflections......

Well we are almost a week removed from ChesapeakeMan and over the past few days I have had time to reflect on the race and think about the day as a whole....

Good Things
1) The race didn't get cancelled due to the storm.
2) The Jellyfish must have been scared off by the rain...I only got stung a few times!
3) The rain and water on the bike course cleaned me off when I didn't stop to pee!
4) The puncture on the bike didn't end the day.
5) Fruit Punch Jelly Belly Sport Beans taste even better in the rain.
6) Drafting on the bike wasn't a major issue!
7) Injinji Socks are the way to blisters and only two nails to be lost!
8) Gummi Bears on the run course are an excellent idea.
9) Having a massage after the race....first time ever!
10) Having my compression socks to wear after the race...what an invention!

Bad Things
1) The storm whipping up the water in the Choptank River!
2) Rain, more rain, and even more rain!
3) Being wet all day can lead to major chafing issues under the arms!
4) Mending a puncture in the middle of Mosquito-ville.
5) Only taking one pack of Jelly Belly Sport Beans out onto the run.
6) Team Banks being real soggy throughout the day :-(
7) Trying to pace the bike without much idea of the distance covered...damn computer.
8) Emptying the bike of water the following day.
9) Going without coffee for over 16hours....aagghhh!

The best thing though is knowing that you want to do it again and already looking at Ultra Triathlon and Ironman races for 2009!

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