Friday, September 26, 2008

Getting Ready to Race.....

Not a lot planned for today. I have just finished up a short 30minute spin on the bike and am packing everything in order to head to the race site at about 1pm. Still feels a bit odd that I am racing an Ironman tomorrow....none of the hoopla of "Ironman" events as I am still at home and not wandering around a race village with thousands of people. I'm sure that it may start to hit home a little bit as I register and start racking the bike etc.

The weather has been improving according to the forecasts....still showers but slightly warmer and clearing as the day goes on.

Aims for this race? Well to improve on my first Ironman time from IMFL in 2006 and hopefully squeeze in under 10hrs! The race is also the Mid-Atlantic Ultra Triathlon Regional Championships so it would be great to win age-group if possible. Above all though it is about enjoying it and having fun [if you can have fun pushing the limits for 10 hours :-)]

I'll try and report back ASAP on Saturday evening or we go!

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