Tuesday, July 22, 2008

June 2008 - Training Summary

Again this training summary for June is a bit late, as we are close to August!. Here are my training stats for June 2008.

June was abit of an odd month really. Obviously the key race was Eagleman 70.3M and that has been the focus since the winter months.....this was my shot at getting to Kona for 2008! As you will have probably read by now, I didn't get the Kona slot but managed to finish 6th in AG and get a 70.3M Worlds slot.

With the race, training was bit of a mish-mash and included a taper week, a recovery week and then two build weeks. As such the average training volume was down a bit but it provided for a good mid-season break and revitalized me for the Ironman training to come during the dog-days of July and August. Here are the numbers in the log from June 2008:

Total Workouts - 35 including
15 cycle sessions
12 run sessions
7 swim sessions
(4 bricks) and 3 races (Eagleman 70.3M and Church Creek 40km ITT and TTT)

Total Time - 44 Hours 22 Mins (11 Hours 05 Mins Weekly Average)

Cycling Time - 28 Hours 34 Mins (7hrs 08mins weekly average)
Running Time - 9 Hours 58 Mins (2hrs 29mins weekly average)
Swimming Time - 5 Hours 46 Mins (1hrs 26mins weekly average)

Total Mileage - 672.5 Miles

Cycling Mileage - 575.19 Miles
Running Mileage - 86.36 Miles
Swimming Mileage - 10.93 Miles

As the numbers show in comparison to previous months, they were down a bit which was due to the lead-up and recovery from Eagleman. The race day conditions really did do a number on me and for the whole week after the race I was just beat....it definitely was the hardest 70.3M that I have done but certainly one that I can be proud of.

July (although halfway through already!) brings on the Ironman distance training in prep for ChesapeakeMan on Sept 27th....the goal for that race? well it is my 2nd Ironman race and I obviously want to beat my first time (10hrs 43mins) but also try to get under 10hours!

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