Saturday, June 21, 2008

May 2008 - Training Summary

Bit late for this training update for May, as we are almost through June!. Here are my training stats for May 2008.

May turned out to be a great month is terms of training and results. I raced three times and got course PR's at two races, including a 4hr 12min half-ironman at the Devilman race. Due to the races, a taper week and a transition week, the training numbers weren't as large as April. As they say though, quality not quantity! The main focus was to make sure that I got the key workouts in, which were the long ride, long run and the threshold brick. The temperatures and humidity have also been rising so race/training nutrition has also been a key factor to work on. Here are the numbers in the log from May 2008:

Total Workouts - 55 including
22 cycle sessions
16 run sessions
13 swim sessions
(9 bricks) and 3 races (Duathlon Nationals, Devilman Half-Ironman and Columbia)

Total Time - 68 Hours 24 Mins (13 Hours 41 Mins Weekly Average)

Cycling Time - 39 Hours 07 Mins (7hrs 49mins weekly average)
Running Time - 15 Hours 33 Mins (3hrs 07mins weekly average)
Swimming Time - 13 Hours 36 Mins (2hrs 43mins weekly average)

Total Mileage - 944.1 Miles

Cycling Mileage - 775.66 Miles
Running Mileage - 142.36 Miles
Swimming Mileage - 26.06 Miles

As I stated May was split up into a few different kinds of weeks....I tapered prior to Devilman and then had a transition week after that, which left three weeks of high volume.

June brings the key race of the first half of the year on June 8th at Eagleman 70.3, we all know how epic that race was now :-)

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