Wednesday, March 5, 2008

February 2008 - Training Summary

In the second of the monthly series, here are my training stats for February 2008.

After a good January, February was to build on the good base and begin to get some more intensity into the workouts. The structure for the month was a simple five week month with one recovery week scheduled. In terms of targets I had one main aim of getting into the pool more and swimming at least three times a week and more if it could be scheduled. I need to work on my swimming and need to get into the regime of hitting the pool before work. In general I managed to achieve that aim.

So here are the numbers in the book from February 2008:

Total Workouts - 47 including
13 cycle sessions
18 run sessions
16 swim sessions
(2 weight sessions before 2 runs)

Total Time - 65 Hours 32 Mins (13 Hours 06 Mins Weekly Average)

Cycling Time - 34 Hours 02 Mins (6hrs 48mins weekly average)
Running Time - 16 Hours 45 Mins (3hrs 21mins weekly average)
Swimming Time - 13 Hours 34 Mins (2hrs 43mins weekly average)

Total Mileage - 789.7 Miles

Cycling Mileage - 618.55 Miles
Running Mileage - 145.81 Miles
Swimming Mileage - 25.34 Miles

A good solid month and most importantly I doubled my swim workouts from January, which in turn meant that I doubled the time and mileage in the pool. The cycling time and mileage also increased and I was more consistent in getting to the Saturday club rides. Therefore I feel that my cycling got much stronger this month and we were fortunate that the mild winter has continued with no major weather disruptions to take the training inside. As of this week (weather pending) the tri-bike will make its season debut on the roads of Bowie and I will also begin my first bricks of the season in preparation for the Duathlon Nationals in April.

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