Friday, February 15, 2008

Now this sounds like a great run.....

In the December issue of Ultrarunning Magazine there was a race report on the Sister Poker Run, a 34 mile trail run in Sisters, Oregon that took place in October. So why is this worthy of a blog entry I hear you say! Well as per many other runs of this kind around the country, the Sisters Poker Run isn't all about getting to the finish line first. Nope, much to contrary belief the winner of the run doesn't break the tape in the fastest time.

The race format is relatively simple, at every aid station of which there are six you receive a poker card and then as you finish you receive a seventh. After everyone has finished, and the last person who crosses the line still has a chance of winning, you show your poker hand and the runner with the best hand is deemed the winner.....This year the winner had a full house of Queens and Jacks!

What a cool way to organize a race, it makes the run much more of a social event (Ultra's are pretty social anyway!) and not so focused on blazing to the finish line...imagine just being able to graze leisurely at the aid stations :-)

For more details visit Fatboycanrun. Perhaps I will have to try and find a local poker run! Although to be honest I would need to brush up on my poker has been a long time since high school poker games!

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kerri said...

That sounds like so much fun! I'll have to give it some thought.