Monday, February 25, 2008

Charleston, SC: Running Capital of the World?

We are in Charleston, SC for the next few days and after US Airways decided to keep us in Charlotte, NC for most the afternoon we didn't arrive until late in the day. I still managed to get out for a short 40min run, in shorts and t-shirt no less (a nice 60 degree evening) and got my first look around Charleston. Man, I must have passed about 50-60 runners out here this evening....this is a town full of runners! Perhaps it is just that I am used to seeing no-one on the streets of Bowie in freezing weather but the warmer weather in Charleston must get everyone out and about!

I am going to try and locate the pool tomorrow so that I can get a few sessions later in the week....should be another run for Tuesday though, I might even get a tan mark if the warm weather continues!

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kerri said...

You might even enhance that tan here in MD on Sun. It's supposed to be in the 50's. Have fun.