Friday, August 3, 2007

Tomorrow.....Catoctin 50KM

Tomorrow is my 2nd 50km trail race of the year and will probably be the last as after this race I get down to the nitty-gritty of prepping for the Duathlon and 70.3m Worlds. Having done only one 50km before way back in March on very icy and treacherous trails, this race will be a totally different experience. The hills aren't hills at all, it is an actual mountain we are running up and down, there won't be any ice (or water for that matter), as the temperatures will be in the high 90's and I imagine it will be dust, dust and more dust based upon the summer we have had so far. Obviously I am looking for a strong performance and it would be great to get a PR (under 5hrs 17mins) but that's one of the good points of ultra running, all courses are different and it is tough to set PR's from one race to the other.

Although the course has numerous aid stations, Sarah will be dashing about the mountain to crew for me, trying to meet me at road crossings and look after for the 50km. To be honest this is no easy task as according to the map many of the roads are unmarked and many unpaved, it is a bit wild this race!

I plan on buying a new camera to take with me out on the course and seeing what kind of pictures I can get of the race and course itself. Hopefully I can get it tonight and therefore be able to report back with a pictorial next week.

Tally Ho.....

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