Thursday, June 21, 2007

Team Banks arrive

This past Wednesday the English contingent of Team Banks arrived for their quarterly stay in Bowie. They are here for the next three weeks and so are able to take in a couple of upcoming races (and work in our garden!).

This weekend is the annual Church Creek Time Trial that ABRT hosts in Cambridge, MD. It is a 40km course that uses many of the same roads as the Eagleman triathlon, in and around the Blackwater Wildlife Refuge. In fact it is also the same roads that my duathlon on July 8th will take place on. At least by the end of the summer I will know those roads well!

I am actually racing twice at Church Creek, I am doing the Individual Time Trial and have also managed to scrap together a team for the 4-man time trial. Hopefully there will be enough time in between the two to have a bit of a breather. This will be my first time trial ever (apart from triathlons but that doesn't count) and typically the goal is to try and post a time under the hour, which will mean an average speed of just under 25 MPH. It should be a nice, hot sunny day so shall see how it goes and see if I can medal (top 5 in category).

After the race and for the rest of the weekend we are going to investigate the parts of the Eastern Shore that we haven't yet traveled and will probably try and get to see Ocean City and Salisbury. Ocean City is the largest beach resort in Maryland, is on the Atlantic Coast and is famous for its long beach boardwalk. I'll get some pictures of us all enjoying an ice-creams on the boardwalk!

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