Monday, June 4, 2007

6 Days to go....

The weekend actually turned out quite well in terms of allowing me to taper and rest. I had a good, although very humid run on Friday evening and a gentle hour out on the bike on Saturday morning. Saturday afternoon was spent watching the CSC Invitational pro bike race in Arlington, VA and then spending a substantial amount of time trying to decide what slice of cheesecake to order in The Cheesecake Factory. In the end I went for Caramel Pecan Turtle Cheesecake and was not disappointed. Sarah went for the White Chocolate Peanut Butter Truffle Cheesecake and some how managed to have the restraint to ask for a box and bring some home to have later!!

On Sunday the plan was to have a two-hour ride before heading off to the Baysox to spend the afternoon watching the ballgame. The weather decided not to cooperate and we were engulfed by the remnants of Tropical Storm Barry for the whole day, with showers and downpours lasting through till this morning. I have no idea who thinks of these names for the Hurricane's but honestly I'm sure that they could think of a better one than "Barry". You just can't envisage "Barry" being a 165MPH Hurricane can you. For those of you unfamiliar with the Atlantic Hurricane season, the storms are named successively beginning with A and going through the Alphabet as and when the storms generate. More information can be found at the National Hurricane Center We typically don't get too badly affected by hurricanes in this part of the mid-Atlantic but we can often get hit by the stragglers that have already hit parts of Florida or the Carolina's. That doesn't mean that we don't get our own hurricanes though as shown by Isabel in 2003, which caused about $700 million of damage across Maryland.

Anyway, back to Sunday, the rain meant that I didn't go for my bike ride and also meant that baseball was cancelled, so it turned into a lazy day and just chilling around the house watching the final stage of the Giro D'Italia. Late in the afternoon I ventured to the pool for a brief 40minute swim. So in the end the bad weather on Sunday was probably a good thing as it enabled me to rest and not do too much (and I didn't have to cut the grass!!!).

Today is a complete day off from training and this evening we are heading out to the Merriweather Post Pavilion to see Fall Out Boy in concert. Let's hope the rain holds off. Only six days to go till Eagleman and they just announced that will follow the race. Check it out on race day for race updates.....

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