Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Feb 8th - Feb 14th: Training Ramblings.....getting some consistency

The goals have been set and the expectation lessened (for now) which has meant that training has hit some consistency in terms of lower volume and more bike focus.  A typical week, as much as it can be typical with the up and down Winter we have had, has been much like this:

Saturday - AM Short run before work
               - PM Hour ride on computrainer at Parvilla Cycles (or rollers at home)

Sunday - AM Long Ride (weather pending)

Monday - Day off or easy spin on rollers

Tuesday - AM Hour computrainer at Parvilla Cycles with the morning crew
              - PM Short run after work

Wednesday - PM Hour rollers at home

Thursday - AM Morning run with Greg
               - PM Hour rollers at home

Friday - AM Morning swim (if I get up)

So as you can see not a ton of volume but it is much more specific and no junk mileage.  We will see how it goes as we head into Spring and then volume can increase a bit as riding outside on weekdays becomes an option.

New feature - Soundtrack for the week:

In a nutshell, felt much better this week with the cold now gone :-)

Total: 146.82 Miles / 9 hours 08 minutes

Swim: 0 yards / ~0 miles / 0 hours 0 minutes
Bike: 128.76 miles / 7 hours 05 minutes
Run: 17.29 miles / 2 hour 03 minutes


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