Monday, March 11, 2013

Where does the time go?....

Time flies when you're busy so it's been a while to get a blog post least this time of season is a bit boring in terms of racing so we haven't missed much.

As the title suggests time has been flying by and we are only 2 months from the first triathlon of the year.  Guess it means that I better ramp up the training a bit, which so far this year has been a bit spotty.  Nothing real big so far and a few weeks of not a lot add up to feeling a bit underprepared for the start of March.  This has been a combination of the store being busy as well as "regular" work....all good, but busy! The good thing is that the major A race for the season isn't until late August at IM Louisville so I have some time to ease into things.

So what have we done so far for 2013:

January 2013
Bike: 27hrs 48mins    470miles
Run:  8hrs 15mins      68miles
Swim: Zippy, nothing, nowt
Total: 36hrs 03mins   538 miles

February 2013

Bike: 17hrs 01mins    299miles
Run:  12hrs 07mins      99miles
Swim: 1hr 45mins       3.26miles
Total: 30hrs 53mins   401 miles

You can see nothing spectacular on those numbers, I certainly felt that the bike was progressing well in January with some good power numbers.  February took a little step back with a week off the bike for vacation and a jaunt out to Denver for the North American Handmade Bike Show.  You will also see a complete lack of swimming which was derailed in January due to pesky moles on my back and then the travel in February (and I would rather be running or cycling!)

March is looking better so far so it is all gradually getting back on track and by IM in August I should be rocking :-)

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