Monday, September 22, 2008

Only 5 days Away......

Only 5 days away from ChessieMan now and the past two days have been nice and relaxed just chilling in the sunshine.

Saturday was a complete day off from training and also our annual trip to the Nascar race at Dover...even with forgoing the drinking part of the trip it was a great day, esp. as my boy Kyle Busch won the Nationwide race in convincing fashion! Even got to see the legend that is Richard Petty (Cowboy Hat and all!) and also won a race t-shirt...what more can a Nascar fan want! All in all a good day at the races!

Sunday was also nice and relaxing. I went for an hour's ride followed by a 20-min tempo run, nothing long just keeping the legs ticking over and ensuring everything feels right for this weekend. With the additional time on my hands I did some much needed computer upkeep and also purchased car insurance ( isn't always fun and games!) The exciting stuff happened in the afternoon when we took a little trip to the bike shop and ordered a new road frameset....yep, I decided it was about time to buy a new road bike and so with the great team deal on Cannondale's I ordered a CAAD9! Should be a nice winter project to get it built up and ready to rock for next years road racing season which I plan to become much more active in.....have to try and get back some of those fast-twitch fibers! Sunday was topped off when Mum and Dad arrived to make Team Banks complete for ChessieMan :-)

So what's planned for the rest of this week?....not a lot to be honest. The taper is obviously going to continue with some short, sharp workouts and then it is all about game prep. Study the race routes, aid station locations, visualize race day and get the game plan set. I have the day off on Friday when we will head over to the Eastern shore for registration, bike racking, gear bag packing and getting ready for race day on Saturday.

Initial forecast is for mid-70's with the potential for showers.....good job we have the Team Latitude/ABRT EZ-Tents! Before we know it race day will be here......

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