Monday, June 8, 2009

Lets Do This Again.....

For the second weekend in a row we headed out to the Eagleman course and pre-rode most of it, only cutting off one section so that we could check the Church Creek course for this weeks time trial (beware of the rumble strips along the edge of MD 16). Don't forget that registration for the TT ends this Wednesday see here

The ride this week was much better than last, I concentrated on some solid race pace efforts rather than trying to follow Ace and Stu on their 20 min intervals. I also made sure that I checked the course and wind directions, meaning that I will have a good sense of where the headwinds and tailwinds will be....although on race day they always feel like headwinds! Nothing else left to do now other than rest up, make sure that nutrition and hydration is spot on this week, and get mentally prepared to make the mind and body suffer. Long distance triathlon is definitely a huge mental game and can play a huge part in the final result on the day. You know that it is going to hurt but everyone else is too and you have to keep that in mind. Those that can push through the pain will generally succeed.....Mind over Matter!

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